Bèl Flame Candle Co

Zodiac Oval Trays


Looking for the perfect gift for her?

Our epoxy resin oval tray selection are floral and include gold flakes. These acrylic trays are durable, unique and are handmade. These make trays are versatile and can be used for the purpose of a "rolling tray", a tray to place your candles, makeup, skincare, perfume and more.

The options are endless when it comes to styling. It’s a simple and cute gift for yourself or for someone. Every tray is made with real pressed flowers, foiled flakes, and mica pigment.


Please Note:
Design will vary between each tray. It is chosen at random when order is being packaged.

We use high quality resin that has a clear glass finish and will resist scratching. It is water resistant and decreases the yellowing, but it is not 100% UV protected. Keep away from direct sunlight and high UV exposure.

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