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Looking for the perfect Gift?

Our Bubble Candles also known as Cube Candles can be used as a favor for any occasion and is the perfect candle to use for your decorative purposes.

These Rubik's cube candles also make the perfect gifts for Moms, him or her, wedding favors, baby shower favors, birthdays, and more. It would make a great conversation statement piece in your living room or any room of any space.


Natural Soy Wax for and eco- friendly & clean burn

Phthalate-free Premium Fragrance Oils

Organic, Vegan & Cruelty- Free

Hand-poured in Charlotte, NC

Candle Tip

Our candles are mostly made to be decorative. They function fine as candles however please be aware of the following:

- Please make sure to keep the wick trimmed to 5mm throughout burning

- Place candle where there is little to no airflow/draft. This ensures the candle to burn calmly and flame to stays in place.

- Place a deep tray underneath them to catch the melted wax.


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